Effective as at: Tuesday 15 November 2022 
1. Applicable at Holey Moley, Strike, Archie Brothers and B. Lucky & Sons venues across Australia.

2. Only applicable to Australian residents.

3. Available are: Single and Family Fun Pass. One (1) or three (3) month rolling plans.

4. Days redeemable: Monday - Thursday. After 3pm Sunday.

5. Per booking, per pass, a limit of 4 allocations can be redeemed per activity.

6. By brand, a limit of two bookings can be made per day at the same or across multiple venues. If more than one booking is made, Funlab has the right to cancel all following bookings made (3 or more).

7. Booking times allowed: Child before 8pm or in accordance with venue rules. Adult anytime.

8. Fun Pass membership can only be purchased at and bookings made with Fun Pass activity inclusions online at participating Funlab Fun Pass brands website. Fun Pass cannot be purchased or redeemed in-venue.

9. Customers can subscribe to a one or three month Fun Pass plan. Unless cancelled prior to auto-renewal date, the one month plan will automatically renew every month and the three month plan will automatically renew every three months. The total three month plan fee is billed on the date of renewal, not charged as monthly installments.

10. As a rolling subscription, payment is taken at the time of automatic renewal for the period ahead.

11. The Fun Pass membership subscription fee will continue to be charged to the bank or credit card provided at sign up (unless card is changed in Stripe Account at a later date), unless cancelled prior to auto-renewal date via Stripe Account. Stripe account is accessible via ‘Payments and Subscriptions’ within Fun Pass Account at

12. Membership can be cancelled at any time, however, if membership is cancelled after the auto-renewal date, the membership will end at the end of the next plan period. The subscription fee will not be reimbursed.

13. If membership is cancelled before the auto-renewal date, Fun Pass membership ends one or three calendar months (depending on plan period selected) from time and day of  commencement.

14. Customers can subscribe to multiple Fun Passes. There is no limitation on how many Fun Passes a customer can hold at any given time. Note, in future Funlab may change this condition to limit the number of Fun Passes per customer.

15. Regardless of membership term - one or three months, activity inclusions and member benefits are allocated monthly and are to be used within the month. The month is based on calendar month, commencing from subscription start date. Activities cannot be booked for a time and date after the activity allocation month.

Example:Activity inclusions & bookingsMonth 1Month 2Month 3Billing datesSubscribe 7 May Rolling 3 month plan7 May - 6 June7 June - 6 July7 July - 6 AugustEvery 3 months i.e. 7 May, 7 August, 7 November and so on  Subscribe 7 May Rolling 1 month plan7 May - 6 June7 June - 6 July7 July - 6 August7 May, 7 June, 7 July and so on  
16. Unredeemed activity inclusions for the month do not roll over to the next or any future subscription month.

17. Activities booked with Fun Pass that are cancelled or no shows are not re-allocated back to Fun Pass activity inclusions. Once activities are booked, they are treated as having been undertaken whether or not they are actually undertaken.

18. If a member is a no show for more than two bookings where Fun Pass activities allocations are redeemed, Funlab reserves the right to cancel Fun Pass memberships without warning, written or verbal notice. 

19. Activity inclusions which can be found here
are set quantities of each activity by brand and cannot be exchanged or swapped for other activities, brands or quantities. For example, one or more mini golf allocations cannot be swapped for one or more bowling games.

20. Activity inclusions or exclusive member discounts are not transferable to other Fun Pass members or non-members.

21. Fun Pass membership must be used by membership account and pass holders only, not shared with friends and family. Funlab has the right to cancel memberships where this condition is not adhered to.

22. Membership pass type cannot be upgraded or downgraded. For example, a Single pass cannot be changed to a Family pass. However, a current membership type can be cancelled and a new membership type purchased to replace it.

23. Fun Pass arcade games are 'Unlimited Arcade Games'. Unlimited Arcade Games include timeplay games only. This means that you can only play unlimited, selected games within 1 hour. Exclusions; Timeplay games under Fun Pass do not allow you to earn or redeem tickets, and do not include prize games, laser tag, Dance Dance Revolution, Big Buck Hunter, Maxi Tune, Taiko, Claw Machines or Skill testers.

24. Family Pass plan is an allocation of activities available to families of all sizes, not specific to a set number of Adults and Children. Some activities on this pass may not be available to Children.

25. Fun Pass activity inclusions cannot be used with any other offer (eg. Family Deal).

26. Members must show ID upon check-in. Online bookings are essential using your Funlab Fun Pass Member ID.

27. Please check trading hours and liquor licensing restrictions at each venue. Under 18s are not permitted in some venues past certain times and guests must abide by these laws.

28. Fun Pass members are entitled to 10% off the list price of food and beverages purchased via the Mr Yum App in venue only. Not applicable online when booking activities. Not in conjunction with any other discounts, offers and promotions. There is otherwise no limit to how many times the discount can be used. To redeem, members must access the Mr Yum app via the Mr Yum QR code displayed in venue and enter the mobile number associated with their Fun Pass membership. Note, due to system delays, it may take up to 24 hours after subscribing to Fun Pass for the 10% discount to be accessible. Discount privileges are revoked with cancellation of Fun Pass subscription.

29. Fun Pass members are entitled to 10% off functions and parties at the following Funlab brands - Strike, Holey Moley, Archie Brothers, B. Lucky & Sons, Hijinx, Red Herring Escape Rooms and Jukes Karaoke. These can be booked for any day of the week, time of the year. Bookings must be made via the enquire form online or by phone. Member discount cannot be applied to online function bookings. Fun Pass activity allocations cannot be used for functions and parties, only general bookings. Funlab reserves the right to cancel function or party bookings where Fun Pass activity allocation redemption has been applied.

30. If we are unable to take successful payment of your membership monthly renewal, our payment services partner Stripe will allow 7 days to make successful payment before membership is cancelled. Note: From date of failed payment until date of successful payment, Fun Pass membership privileges will be paused and reinstated on date of successful payment. This new successful payment date will become the new auto-renewal date and monthly rolling membership cycle continues from that date. If we are unable to take successful payment within 7 days the Fun Pass membership will be cancelled and cannot be renewed. Any new membership can be purchased at

31. Funlab Pty Ltd reserves the right to change or modify the price, activity inclusions or/and participating brands, terms and conditions of membership at any time without prior written notice and withdraw the subscription offering at any time. Funlab Pty Ltd will make reasonable effort to communicate changes prior to change using such methods including, but not limited to email (if a valid email address is held) and the Terms of Use on the Funlab Fun Pass website.

32. By subscribing to Funlab Fun Pass, members are consenting to the Funlab
Privacy Policy and Terms of Use