Man playing mini golf at Holey Moley through a clown head
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worlds of
fun made magic
worlds of
fun made magic
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Who We Are

Funlab is Australasia’s largest fun company provider, with eight brands and over 40 locations across Australia and New Zealand. The Funlab family includes Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, B. Lucky & Sons, Holey Moley Golf Club, Juke’s Karaoke, La Di Darts, Red Herring Escape Rooms, Strike Bowling, plus our newest brand to join the family, Hijinx Hotel.

Funlab is operating with 1,700 employees (also known as Motherfunners!) internationally and have continued plans for expansion. Funlab was recently acquired by global private equity firm TPG Capital, who have partnered with the company to help it achieve its growth ambitions.
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weird and wonderful
Weird And Wonderful
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Why We Do It

Everything we do at Funlab - big or small - is ‘for the fun of it’. It’s a cause we’ll proudly stand behind now, and into the future.

The sort of fun that isn’t just entertaining – it’s entirely enthralling. Fun that you need to experience first-hand to realise it could even exist.

We’re captivated by these experiences and committed to creating them. Conjuring weird and wonderful moments that don’t just tweak the ordinary, but transmogrify the everyday into something more extraordinary.

We create spaces where guests have the freedom to connect -  with each other, with their inner kid, with the adult who still deserves to play in worlds that are bursting with their own kind of colour.

There’s still fun to be had and we’re all making it happen with pure magic.
Giant mini golf clown head surrounded by bowling pins with someone getting ready to hit ball with mini golf club, another person leaning on the clown head smiling with a drink in hand
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For The
Fun Of It
For The
Fun Of It
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meet the team

Jena Morar


Teri Johns

Head of Design

Clifford Wyman


Kirsten Hamilton

Head of Social

Jefferey Koch


Tracey Collins

Head Of CRO

Lou Harris

Account Director

Michael Schreiber

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Schreiber

Master of Fun
Chief Executive Officer


Sir Dollars & Sense
Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary


Hunter Gatherer
Chief People Officer


Professor Funstein
Chief Growth & Innovation Officer


FOMO Engineer
Chief Marketing Officer


Bob the Builder
Chief Development Officer


Magical Conductor
Chief Operations Officer
Large group of Funlab staff all cheering and smiling, looking off camera, some with their hands in the air

want to work with us?

Want to make your mark as a motherfunner? Check out our current opportunities.