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Why work at Funlab?

Growth and Progression

Growth and progression

One of our core values is developing and investing in our people – allowing them to grow. We call it DING (Development + Investment + Nurturing = Growth) and we’re serious about it. As we grow, you grow too.

You'll never be bored

You will never be bored.

In the spirit of continuous improvement, we’re always innovating – our brands and business evolve constantly. There’s always something new and exciting going on around here.

Growth and Progression

Fun is free when you’re a Motherfunner

Putt, bowl, jump, soar, sing, escape, climb, pew-pew and play your heart out. Our Melbourne-based Support Office comes equipped with a multi-storey slippery dip, gym, trampolines and a couple of office puppies. It's pretty great.

Our Core Values

At the core of Funlab are our values. They determine how we make business decisions and how we treat each other and our guests. They aren’t just words on a poster in the staff room – they’re the heart of how we do things. If you understand our Core Values, you’ll understand what it means to be part of the Funlab team:

Positive MInd Set


Positive Mind Set

Development Investment Nurturing Growth


Development + Investment + Nurturing = Growth



Fun is infectious, spread it.



Encouraging Our Uniqueness

Above and Beyond


Above & Beyond

Clear Consistent and Collaborative Communication


Clear, Consistent and Collaborative Communication.

Recognise and Reward

R & R

Recognise and Reward

Real Honest and Unscripted


Keep it Real, Honest & Unscripted



Always be Safe

The science of wow!

Our mission is to create WOW spaces where the world can experience fun at the next level. Join the team today.

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